M-43 New England IPA

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Old Nation knows more about beer than you do, probably. Founded by two university educated brewers with 28 years of professional brewing experience between them (including time served in German breweries) this Michigan-based brewery is ready to share that superior knowledge with you in the form of their M-43 N.E. IPA. If that just sounds like a bunch of letters and numbers, allow us to break it down.

M-43 is a state highway in Michigan that happens to run through the town of Williamston, where Old Nation makes its home. Those other letters are short for New England India Pale Ale, the chosen style of this beer. While it uses four fine hops to lend tropical and citrusy notes, the beer doesn’t actually deal out a lot of hop bitterness. It’s a drinkable NEIPA that even non-IPA fans will enjoy — a gift from brewers who know their craft. – Learn More

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