Malted Milk Ball Imperial Porter

Malted Milk Ball Imperial Porter

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When Perrin Brewing first brought out this specialty, barrel-aged beer, it was a decided hit. 5 years later, here it is again. Perrin, based just outside of Grand Rapids, MI made this Imperial Porter to give you the sweet chocolate character of a malted milk ball, without having to eat candy. Because, can candy give you 12% abv? (If so, please send us some.)

To get that sweet whopper kick, it’s brewed with lactose, which doesn’t get gobbled up in the fermentation like grain sugars do, leaving milk sugars intact for creamy sweetness.

The run is limited, so the 22 ounce bottles might not make it far outside of the Mitten State. If you’re lucky enough to snag one, you’ll enjoy a heavily malted porter, spiced with vanilla and cacao, then aged for 9 months in bourbon barrels. The best part is, this malted milk ball will not melt in your hands. Learn more at Perrin Brewing.


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