Manhart Supra GR 550

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If there is anyone who knows how to squeeze more power out of the modern Toyota Supra’s BMW engine, it is the German tuning company Manhart. Supra enthusiasts know how much fun they are to tune. Every previous generation of Supras came with unlocked potential. So does the new one. 

In recent years, many companies have mastered forced induction. BMW is one of them. Combine their turbocharging expertise with their legendary inline six-cylinder engine and you have an incredibly nasty machine waiting for you to discover it. It only takes a little tuning.

It may not be the engine Toyota purists want, but it is still capable of carrying the Supra’s torch with honor. In comes Manhart, ready to show you how the masters do it. The Manhart Supra GR 550 raises the output to 542 horsepower. Since Supra enthusiasts love their torque, how does 568 pound-feet sound?

Manhart Supra GR 550

Although Manhart is not releasing official specs, expect to reach 60 miles per hour in less than 3.5 seconds, if you do not mess up the launch. How does Manhart achieve this? The same way any Supra enthusiast did in the 90s. 

Upgrading the turbo, swapping in a better radiator, and installing a new exhaust system top the list. Of course, Manhart designed and engineered these parts to work together, taking the guesswork out of it. This is perfect for anyone ready to get in their Supra and shock some people on the streets. 

Other notable upgrades include a carbon intake and a special Manhart ECU tune. You will have a lot more power now, so Manhart kicks some 3-way coilovers into the suspension system to help you handle it. Use it wisely, grasshopper. 

Manhart also upgrades the tire size and width to help you control the increased potential. It features 20-inch rims with 295 mm wide tires in the rear. If you like melting through expensive tires, you should have no problems doing burnouts.

The Manhart Supra GR 550 also features plenty of visual modifications, including a graphics package and a new front-lip spoiler. A matte gold finish puts the final touch on the exterior upgrades. 

Manhart is accepting inquiries about their new Supra package. If you have the new Supra, this package should definitely be on your radar if you want to take things to the next level.

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