Marshall Uxbridge Voice Speaker

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Music nerds, audio enthusiasts and novices alike know the  Marshall name — it’s synonomous with towering stacks of amps, legendary sound quality and the ultimate in rock n’roll (see: Old footage of AC/DC, for reference). This titan of audio continues to step into the modern age deftly and with serious quality in mind, however, and we’re all about that. In fact, Marshall’s more compact audio gear is now something you should expect to find in your home or office — and if that sort of gear is at the top of your wish list, it just got a bit more attainable.

The Marshall Uxbridge Voice is an Amazon Alexa-enabled speaker that packs a serious punch in terms of audio quality and sound, all the while delivering truly compact and utilitarian design (with a few Marshall flourishes thrown in for good measure).

The Uxbridge Voice features high-end components and the type of versatility in listening you can only get through access to the Amazon streaming database via Alexa — it’s an audiophile’s dream, and it’ll make you feel like you’re at the barrier of a rock show … from your living room.

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