Maserati GT2

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Prestigious Italian automaker Maserati is set to return to the GT2 endurance racing class at the 24 Hours of Spa in Belgium beginning June 27, 2023. Simply put, the Maserati GT2 is an impressive machine boasting a triple threat of sculpted looks, powerful performance, and precision engineering.

The House of Trident has a rich and storied history on the GT circuit and this is the perfect car to carry the torch into the future. The GT2 is based on the MC20, Maserati’s flagship sports car featuring the extraordinary Nettuno twin-turbo V6 engine. 

Of course, the GT2 features a racing-spec version of the Nettuno GT2 producing more than the 621 horsepower powering the road-going MC20. How much more? Well, those numbers are not officially available to the public but they will be in line with GT2 racing class regulations.

Maserati GT2

Everything you expect to find on a race car is here including fully-adjustable dampers and roll bars. Other highlights include fully-electric steering, a six-speed sequential transmission, and the all-new patented MTC (Maserati Twin Combustion) technology based on F1 racing engine designs.

Maserati kept this car as lightweight as possible thanks to the ultra-light carbon fiber central monocoque design. To cap it off, the lightweight full composite bodywork is aerodynamically tuned for success. Maserati tuned the aerodynamics of the GT2 to optimize vertical load while maximizing drag efficiency.

From the paddle shifters to the carbon fiber dashboard, the cockpit of the Maserati GT2 is a pure race car. Don’t expect to find the luxurious bells and whistles you see in Maserati production models here. This car is all about racing. You’ll find a roll cage, racing seat with harness, and a helmet waiting for your next lap. This car is all go, no bull.

Stay tuned to the upcoming GT2 season for more details. You will have to wait until June of 2023 to see the new GT2 race car from Maserati in action. It should prove to be worth the wait. Who knows? Perhaps this GT2 race car will make an appearance in Gran Turismo 7 along the way as well. You never know.

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