MAXTRAX MKII Vehicle Extraction Device

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Like so many things we’re into, here’s a tool that’s better to have and not need, than need and not have. Carry MAXTRAX on your vehicle’s roof rack then drive wherever you need to go, be it through snow, across mud, in sand or over lava*.

If, or maybe when, you get stuck, grab onto the built-in handles and use the shovel end to dig out what’s keeping you stuck. Then wedge it beneath your tire and the agressively large cleats will dig into the ground and grip your tire so you can drive out of whatever has you bogged down.

They’re made from engineering-grade reinforced nylon that bends without breaking and weigh in at eight pounds each. If you plan on taking your 4X4 through anything potentially dicey, a pair of these will take the sting out of getting stuck. – Buy It

*Please note: MAXTRAX will not work in lava. Neither will your vehicle.

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