MDK9 Dog Haus

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When I hang out in the kitchen, my dogs hang out in the kitchen. Back when I had to trudge through two feet of snow to visit the outhouse at three am in winter, my dogs were right behind me. I imagine if I were to hang out in a sulfur swamp with killer bats and stinging nettles, my dogs would hang out there too. Point is, there’s no place a dog would rather be than right next to their person. Unless maybe if you got them this. 

Looking like something Neutra might have designed for his puppers, the MDK9 Dog Haus is nattier than most human digs. It was brought to life by RAH:DESIGN, a design and fabrication studio out of Los Angeles who are usually responsible for a selection of high-end, modern furniture and home accessories draped in rich wood-tones. This marvel of a canine abode is made from Brazillian teak, powder-coated steel, and rides on a wheeled slab of concrete. The hound hotel comes complete with a mono-slant roof, a removable sidewall, and a plush doggie bed from Jax and Bones. The MDK9 will run you $3,650, but hey, who loves you more than your dog does? 

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