MecArmy X7S EDC Kit

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If you’re thinking about incorporating a light into your EDC, this EDC kit lets you do so — in both senses of the word. With a mini-USB rechargeable LED flashlight, capable of a 130 lumen output, as well as a liquid fuel lighter, you’ll be ready when anyone asks, “Hey buddy, got a light?” The clever part of this setup is its configurability. By threading the various pieces together, you get any combo of lighter, flashlight and capsules (little storage compartments that hold pills, an extra flashlight battery or perhaps a tightly rolled C-note).

The housing is CNC machined stainless with a stonewash finish, and when the pieces are twisted tight, the whole thing is water resistant up to six feet. Depending on which pieces you chose to link up, the X7S will go on your keychain or clip onto your pocket. In the eternal quest to get you prepared for what’s out there, here’s one more implement to add to your everyday carry toolkit. – $100

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