Merrell Hydro Moc AT Neo Gore-Tex 1TRL

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We have Crocs to thank (blame?) for the current trend in holey shoes. But before the questionably fashionable closed-cell resin shoes became a staple of casual footwear, perforated shoes held a much different purpose: As a sort of all-terrain footwear that could dry quickly after being submerged in water. That way, you’d never have to deal with the lingering stink of shoes that haven’t completely dried out after a trip to the lake.

Merrel’s new Hydro Mocs are a throwback to this original purpose of aerated shoes, with a significant difference: Inside of their foam cage uppers, these boots are equipped with a form-fitting Gore-Tex “sock”. That gives them the best of both worlds: Waterproof performance covering your feet, and quick-drying capabilities. They’re an odd-looking shoe, to be sure, but when you’re after form more than function, they really deliver.

Price: $220

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