MESA Portable Light

MESA Portable Light


If you’ve ever tried to do something in the dark — change a flat, read a map, do a jigsaw puzzle — you realize you need two hands for the job and where does the flashlight go? Crook of the neck, under the jaw, or — don’t say it — in the mouth? Stop that. There’s a more respectable way to see what you’re doing and still have your hands free. MESA is the brainchild of Ravi Varma, a Brooklyn industrial designer who thought flashlights and lanterns could use an update.

Watertight, dust resistant and made of aircraft aluminum, the MESA sits up tall and shines its light on what you’re doing, not in your face. The lithium polymer battery is USB rechargeable and it all collapses down into a very portable size. Bring it on your next late-day picnic, overnight camping trip, or use it to better see whatever project you’re working on. Just no more flashlights in mouths, please. – $99+


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