Metal Shop Bullet Pencil

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Without getting too technical, a bullet pencil is a fancy pencil holder that protects both your pencil tip and your pocket from said tip. They first came into fruition in the late 1890’s with the use of spent .303 cartridges as a pencil holder, and we’re mass produced into the mid 1950’s. Today, they’re increasingly difficult to find for both collectors and connoisseurs. Metal Shop, however, has brought this nearly forgotten writing tool back from the dead, and added a new twist to it in the process.

This new take on the vintage design features a machined 6061 aluminum body with either a round or pointed bullet tip in your choice of brass or lightweight aluminum. Every component on the bullet pencil is threaded, replacing the friction fit of yesteryear’s bullet pencils with a new “twist” action that is compatible with most any pencil on the market today. Each unit is anodized and comes with three Blackwing Palomino 602 pencil nubs and a pair of erasers. Order yours now at Metal Shop. – $38

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