Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Autographed Print

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As a kid, my brother and I spent countless hours battling our way through the fighters in Nintendo’s Punch-Out!! Series. Glass Joe was nothing; just a few dodges and an uppercut to the jaw and he was a goner. Bald Bull was where things started getting serious, and a fraction of a second late on a dodge meant Little Mac was done for. By the time you made it to Great Tiger, it was do or die—and there was no rush quite like perfectly hitting the timed dodges you needed to avoid his special attack, then blasting him with a star-charged uppercut.

But with the 1987 release of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, we thought we had met our match. Iron Mike fought like no other boxer in the game, and it took literal years before we could finally best him for the title.

If you remember the nostalgia of Punch-Out!! half as well as I do, you’ll love this print from the final matchup—signed by Mike Tyson himself.

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