Military Grade iPhone 5 Case

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rugged-iphone-5-caseWith a design that meets military standards, the iPhone 5 Case designed by Jon Eicher will keep your iPhone 5 tough against the elements of disaster while looking the part as well. It is crafted from ultra lightweight aerospace aluminum alloy, rendering it 100% nonconductive, nonmagnetic, noncorrosive, nontoxic, energy efficient, and protected against the inevitable impact from an accidental drop. If ultimate protection wasn’t enough, its double antennae openings along with its open side design allows for an improved antennae performance, meaning you can send and receive text messages much quicker no matter where you may be. Your iPhone 5 is an 800 dollar piece of equipment. The $150 Military Grade iPhone Case is more than worth its guaranteed protection.
Military Grade iPhone 5 Case $150
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