MMTH Gear Tusk Survival Shovel

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If you’ve recently sat lizard-like in the shade, just waiting for the scorching heat to subside so you could actually move around in this pre-summer heat, the idea of winter snow may seem like a fever dream. But as you may have noticed, winter always comes again and the MMTH Gear Tusk is going to be the thing you’re really glad you have in your car when the flakes inevitably fall.

The brainchild of Irish industrial design studio Rotation Design, this dual handled adventure shovel has elastomer squeegee wings to clear your car of snow (without ruining your paint) and a polycarbonate ice scraper to clear your windows when the ice gets tenacious. Should you ever get stuck, use the retractable metal digging spade to chomp your tires out of ice, and use the shovel bucket to clear out sizable drifts on a swipe. It’s made from near-indestructible materials and is compact enough to fit in some car doors.

The Tusk is on its way to reaching the funding goal on Kickstarter. Back it now, forget about it, and go stick your head in the freezer. Then, come winter, the Tusk will ship and you’ll be ready for whatever. – Shop Now

MMTH Gear Survival Shovel

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