The Model One Electric Scooter

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“Compact” and “efficient” are two words the average consumer might not apply to their scooter must list, but when you think about it, they are the two most important features aside from the wheels.  Unagi Scooters put a lot of thought into all three areas when designing this folding scooter.

For starters, it features rubber wheels that require no inflation or maintenance and comfortably get you from here to there.  You’ll also enjoy the 250W engine and smart battery that deliver a range of 15 miles, along with the option for instant max power bursts of 500W.

As for compactness, the scooter folds to dimensions of just about 15×16.5 inches, with a carry weight of just over 22 pounds.  It also has electronic brakes and 1.8W LED headlights for safety. – Shop Now

The Model One Electric Scooter

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