Moliving Modular Hotels

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The trouble with many traditional hotels is their very existence alters the space they’re trying to connect you with. Moliving aims to change that. Designed to be built off-site, with the ability to be fully-self sufficient or tied to the grid, a Moliving Modular Hotel room is 400 square feet of modern, minimalist living with clean lines and natural wood. Built for views and access to the outdoors, it keeps everything simple so you can enjoy your surroundings. 

Moliving Modular Hotels

The company envisions would-be hoteliers teaming up with landowners in wild and beautiful places to work out a deal to use the land to host a uniquely different kind of hotel. Once installed, the Modular Hotel rooms can rest in place, accommodating weekend after weekend of Airbnb, Vrbo, or other such guests. When it’s decided it’s time for the hotel to move on, the Modular Hotel can be put back on a truck and hauled to a new locale. 

To cut its impact even more, the hotels are built from sustainable and recycled materials and are manufactured locally through partnerships with nearby factories, thus reducing the carbon footprint of transporting the units. The first operating Moliving unit will be stationed in the Hudson Valley and will be ready for you to book a wholly different type of stay at the end of the year.

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