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If you haven’t yet heard of Dad Grass, here’s a little primer: On a mission to bring back the mellow, casual smoke, these guys source and roll US-grown organic hemp flowers that have ultra-low levels of THC, but healthy doses of the other terpenes and cannabinoids found in weed. Sold (legally and across the US) in pre-rolled joints, smoking them delivers a clean, relaxing, clear-headed buzz. 

Now Dad Grass is adding Mom Grass to the rotation. What’s the difference? Dad Grass is all about CBD, the cannabinoid you’ve heard so much about. Mom Grass, on the other hand, goes heavy on a newly discovered THC relative, CBG.

Of course, neither Dad Grass nor Mom Grass is gender-specific (and they’re not just for parents, either), but the distinction in the names clues you into the delivered effects. Now we’re not saying your parents ever got high, but if they did? Here’s how they might react:

Dad reappears from the basement looking a little glazed, and he just wants to chill on the couch and listen to some sweet tunes. That’s the blissed-out, tuned-out CBD high.

Mom, however, comes in from the backyard with a smile on her face, wondering if you’d like to bake some cookies with her. That’s the creative and relaxed CBG talking. Moms, dads, the happily kid-free, everyone (21 and over) can get in on Mom Grass. Because with this stuff, the good times come pre-rolled.

Mom Grass

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