Moment Pro Camera App

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When smartphones first appeared, no one suspected they’d become our cameras of choice, but ever-increasing picture quality and handy features have resulted in point-and-shoot smartphones that rival standalone cameras on every level, most notably portability and convenience.  Of course, making the most of your smartphone camera requires the right peripherals, and the Moment Pro Camera App is a must for novices and serious shooters alike.
In addition to expected features like photo editing and cinematic video, users will absolutely love the manual control options the app offers, including manual focus, live histogram (to control light exposure with every shot), and even a full manual mode that offers unfettered control of exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, and white balance.  Pros will know what to do with these features, and newbies can experiment to their heart’s content.  Download free via App Store and Google Play to give it a whirl, pay $2.99 to unlock all features. – Shop Now

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