Mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit

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Once upon a time, vacations, business trips, and jaunts across the country were accomplished without anyone ever touching a mobile phone. Even those who can remember such a time cannot fully explain how exactly it was done. Right now, if you’re going places, your phone is coming with you. And if you want to have options for when, where, and how you charge your travel companion, Mophie has an idea.

The Charge Stream Travel Kit comes with a mini version of their Charge Stream Pad, so those sporting the latest in smartphone smartness can wirelessly charge their Qi-enabled device anywhere there’s an outlet (and the nearly five foot long cable will make sure you can reach that awkwardly placed airport/hotel/coffee shop plug). The wall adapter has two USB ports, and the kit also includes a car adapter. All of this stores nice and neat in the carrying bag. With it, your phone will never die and you won’t have to learn firsthand what it was once like to travel phone-less. – $50

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