Mophie Powerstation AC

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Camping. At the job site. Traveling. Hanging out in a coffee shop where the dude with the 75 ounce latte is taking the only table near an outlet. These are all times when a little extra power for your laptop could come in handy. Smaller than a trade paperback, the Mophie Powerstation AC has a 22,000 milliampere hour capacity and will give a USB-C laptop 15 hours of life, fully charge a MacBook Pro, or add an extra 100 hours of juice to your smartphone. It can even power a device that requires an AC outlet.

The grey fabric wrap gives it a bit of style (and helps keep it from scratching up your tablet screen) and the LED power indicator gives quick insight to your battery levels. Bring along some power to go that doesn’t look like a diesel generator and sit wherever you want at the java hut. – $200

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