Moskito Remote Controlled Plane

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You do not have to put it together (it’s fully assembled out of the box). You will not lose the remote control (the remote’s your phone). You do not need to know how to fly (the app will teach you). It won’t fall apart if/when you crash it (thanks to its crash-resistant materials). What it will do is make your next trip to the beach/park/rodeo far more entertaining.

This grown up RC glider from Toby Rich, a German gadget company helmed by an aviation enthusiast and a tech evangelist, is called the Moskito. It’s designed for quick stunts and agile maneuvering, and has a 200 foot bluetooth range with 12 minutes of continuous flight time on a charge. You can control it via smartphone tilt, or suction the joystick to your screen. In addition to being crash resistant, it’s also designed to minimize harm to those around you — a good thing for those pilots working on getting their wings. – Buy It

Moskito RC Plane Moskito Airplane


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