Mountain Dew Zero Sugar

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Mountain Dew has a knack for taking things to the extreme while encouraging its fans to really get out there and push things to the limit (witness their partnerships with many an extreme sports athlete, too). It’s a high-voltage brand with offerings that have a seriously cult following (Baja Blast, anyone?) but that doesn’t mean the brand is going to rest on its ice-cold laurels — enter Mountain Dew Zero Sugar, the right way to “Do the Dew” without, well sugar.

Mountain Dew says this new iteration is “wildly familiar yet completely unexpected,” and that sounds like as good a reason as any to switch things up from your regular soft drink order. It’s got all the carbonation and caffeine you’d get with regular Dew, plus that same sense of extreme adventure, just … ever-so-slightly different.

It could be the right way to jumpstart your afternoon  … or the right complement to your favorite movie. It might be different, but not in a bad way — you’re still “doing the Dew,” after all.

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