MV Agusta ‘Bol d’Or’ Motorcycle

MV Agusta ‘Bol d’Or’ Motorcycle


New Hampshire-based custom bike builder Walt Siegl makes a very good point: saving weight is a good way to make a better performing motorcycle. Makes sense. Shaving twenty percent from overall weight is usually easier than upping the engine output by the same factor. So weight is where Walt Siegl Motorcycles paid a lot of attention for this custom build.

They started with a MV Agusta 3-cylinder Brutale 800 (with future builds based on any new MV 3-cylinder you want). Naming the bike the Bol d’Or after the yearly twenty-four hour endurance race in France, the fuel tank, like the bikes who compete in that race, holds a good amount of fuel, yet, using an epoxy Kevlar matrix Siegl and his team reduced the weight of the tank to 3.5 pounds. Replacing the original bodywork with high-tech composite brought fender, fairing and tail to a mere 8.5 pounds. Swapping in an aluminum subframe and a lightweight exhaust system shaved even more pounds off the bike.

All that focus on weight reduction doesn’t mean they didn’t upgrade the engine too. Along with tuning the ECU to maximize horsepower and torque, they widened the engine’s air intakes to get the most out of the MV’s powerful engine. Fast, light, and ready to endure. Learn more at Walt Siegl Motorcycles.


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