MyFAK First Aid Kit

MyFAK First Aid Kit

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Yes, you can build your own first aid kit. A random pack, a trip to the drugstore, no doubt you’d come up with something passable. But would it adapt, endure and function like this one? Probably not. Put together by My Medic, a company trusted by the Red Cross, US military and the FBI, the MyFak is the kit you want when the unforeseeable is suddenly very much in sight. The tough, 600 denier nylon case is waterproof and contains and organizes top quality supplies — including stuff for burns, sprains and bleeding, plus OTC and topical meds.

The instant-access rip-and-go Velcro panel attaches the kit to belts or packs, or you can use the D-rings to hook on a shoulder strap. With a lifetime warranty from a company committed to making the best first aid kits in the country, this is one place where DIY isn’t necessarily better. – Buy It

MyFAK First Aid Kit


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