Nano Torch Keychain Flashlight

Nano Torch Keyring Flashlight

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In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Same goes for the dude who has a flashlight while everyone else stands around in the dark. You may remember those plastic flat oval keychain lights that were around for a while (until they all reached the end of their three week lifespan). This is not those. The Nano Torch is made by KeySmart — who know their way around key-related stuff, being the makers of the jingle-eliminating KeySmart organizer.

This lightning bug is milled from a solid piece of steel and puts out a respectable 25 lumens. The battery swap-out is fast and the keyring attachment is easy. It’s exactly the thing you’ll be glad you added to your EDC when your phone falls between the seats, the porchlight goes out on a dark and stormy night, or you want to read the bill at one of those bars that can’t seem to afford light bulbs (despite charging you $14 for your G+T). – $20

Nano Torch Keyring Flashlight


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