Native Union Cosmos Key Cable

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We’re all about seemingly small, simple upgrades that make your daily life that much easier — and a little more stylish in the process. This makes us big fans of Native Union and the brand’s helpful, simple and well-designed gadgets, like the Cosmos Key Cable.

It’s an iPhone charging device — crucial for the guy on the go — blended with a small, easy-to-use keychain for critical utility on the daily. It’s a design that’s not intrusive, blended with functionality that’s much-needed, particularly if you travel frequently and find your phone on low battery more often than not.

The Cosmos Key Cable is also six times stronger than a standard cable, meaning that this device can stand up to charging on the go, be it at a music festival or an hours-long bar crawl. Best of all? It fits right in your pocket — no need to mess with the sleek lines of your outfit. – Shop Now

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