Native Union Drop Wireless Charger

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Slim and sleek isn’t just for smart phones anymore. Native Union has developed a wireless charger your phone would be happy to cling to. The surface is decked out in silicone tread that’s not just for looks. Though it does look good.

It also provides gripping power, so your phone doesn’t slide off easily. And the surface is elevated to keep your phone cool. A cool phone means optimum charging stability and speed – 16 minutes speedier than other wireless chargers, to be precise. The 6.5 foot USB-A to USB-C cable is kept tidy with a traditional black leather strap. You won’t see any unsightly velcro ties on this beauty.

If you’re worried about using wireless chargers with your case, don’t be. The Native Union Drop will charge right through any case up to 3 mm thick. All in all, this wireless charger is the best of beauty and functionality combined. – $60

Native Union Drop Wireless Charger

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