Nebia Steam Shower

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Think about the last time you took a really good shower. Either you were hot, sweating and funky beforehand and needed that shower bad, or the shower itself was pretty unique. Here’s a way to have an excellent shower whenever you want without having to get shower desperate first.

Nebia Steam Shower atomizes the water coming through the shower head into millions of minuscule droplets that totally enclose you in hot shower greatness. Not unlike having your own steam room. The shower head itself looks classy and modern and comes on a track that adjusts 25 inches up or down. There’s a shower wand that helps you get up close to your hard to reach places and the whole thing takes about 20 minutes to install yourself. Best part last: It uses 70% less water than a standard shower head, which Nebia says will pay for itself in about a year. – $649

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