Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Full Auto Blaster

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Paintball is great, but if a splattered mess isn’t your idea of fun, Nerf’s new Gelfire Blaster just might be the epic thrill you’ve been seeking — without the lengthy cleanup.

The blaster fires soft, super absorbent polymer projectiles (10,000 of these babies come with the blaster). All you have to do is add water to the rounds and load them into the high-capacity, 800-round hopper which then fires from the blaster at a high-velocity and bursts when they hit a target. And here’s the best part: According to the brand, there’s no need to pick up rounds after play — the leftover residue magically disappears. Equipped with full-auto and semi-auto modes and a removable barrel, it also comes with protective eyewear and a universal charging cable.

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