Nike Adapt Huarache

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“A Huarache for The Future” is a bold claim being made by Nike when it comes to the Nike Adapt Huarache, but we think you’d best believe that Nike is a brand that can back it up when it comes to crafting, stylish, functional  and yet increasingly innovative footwear for the modern sneakerhead.

If you’re of the opinion you couldn’t possibly add another pair of classic Nike sneakers to your collection, think again: The Nike Adapt Huarache makes its case quite solidly, to say the least. The difference is in the details, including the remarkable FitAdapt technology being pioneered by Nike here — this is footwear technology made to adapt to a variety of situations and environments on the fly.

These are bold, bright, futuristic sneakers that manage to feel fresh and yet classic at the same time — that’s great news if you’re a Nike fan, and even better news if you’re an avid collector (and wearer) of the brand’s latest and greatest adaptations. Score a pair when they release on September 13th at select retailers.

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