Nike Air Force 1 Experimental USPS Postal Ghost Sneakers

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Alright, time to make some of us feel old: The original Air Force 1’s came out almost 40 years ago. And they’re still Nike’s biggest footwear success story, with an amazing 1700 color variations and over 800 million dollars in sales each year. But these Experimental Series Postal Ghosts? They’re really something else, man.

First, check out those true-to-the-USPS-blue details: The color scheme is on point, the laminated uppers are an immediate eye catcher, and the Nike-branded shipping label on the heel pulls the whole thing together. Even if you’re not a closet-filling sneakerhead, you should snatch up these truly unique Uptowns while they’re still around — because one-off custom Air Force’s like these are usually made in super limited production runs.

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