Nike Fit

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Improving your track and road race times isn’t quite as simple as it might seem — for all the good extra training can do, that training is only complemented if you’ve got the right gear and the right approach. Such is the method Nike has used for years when building better running shoes, and such is the method that’s going to set you apart from the crowd with Nike Fit, a complementary, digital foot measurement tool that could become your secret to a faster race.

As the brand says, three out of five people are likely wearing the wrong size shoe — but not anymore with Nike Fit. It’s a proprietary system from the world’s leader in performance footwear, and the best part is, you can use it while shopping within the Nike app itself.

Nike Fit scans your feet using your smartphone camera, analyzing your feet to provide lightning-quick feedback on the best type of shoe for you. It’s remarkable and nearly unheard of, and again, it could just boost your running speed by a significant amount. Available in the app store this July. – Learn More

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