Nikola NZT

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These guys plan on revolutionizing the trucking industry with fully-electric, hydrogen powered semi-trucks coming in 2020. In the meantime, they’re bringing their electric vehicle knowhow to a line of UTVs that are going to be exceedingly fun to drive, pretty much anywhere you want to go. With 20 inches of travel on all four tires, these are going to gobble rocks, tear up desert and plow through snow. Since they’re all electric, with a direct drive motor at each wheel, power comes almost instantly with a combined torque of nearly 9,386 foot-pounds. Whistle at that.

Ultra-light 2” steel roll cages keep you safely inside the Nikola NZT and the electric motors do most of the braking, charging the batteries at the same time. As for horses, pick the NZT-440 and you’ll get 599 of them. Make a zero dollar reservation now and expect your insane new toy in the first quarter of 2019. Learn more at Nikola.

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