Nikola WAV

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Earlier in April, Nikola Corporation showed off five of their not-yet-released electric and hydrogen electric vehicles during their Nikola World event in their new home state of Arizona. Of course, the company’s big-ticket items will be fleets of zero-emissions semi trucks which they plan to have on the road in the next couple years (they already have 13,000 on pre-order) but their powersports division is also making waves. Now literally.

The Nikola WAV, or Water Adventure Vehicle looks like a sleek black personal watercraft, but missing will be that tell-tale Jet Ski motor whine, instead the only sound will be the wind and waves. The design is inspired by superbikes, and carries amenities you’d find in a luxury car— a twelve-inch 4k display, LED lights, and cruise control. While specs like speed and battery range haven’t been released, the WAV is currently serving as a cool and flashy concept for Nikola, filling in any excitement gaps created by their game-changing but not quite as splashy fleet of zero-emissions semi-trucks. – Shop Now

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