NMoto Golden Age Motorcycle

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If you prefer a side of retro vibes with your open-air mobility, the NMoto Golden Age Motorcycle is going to be on your radar. From running errands uptown to a little countryside ride, this scooter combines 1930s styling with a modern twist.

NMoto designed the Golden Age kit for the BMW C400X enabling you to transform your scooter into a pre-war classic. Of course, you still get to keep your BMW 350cc engine and the overall riding experience you already love.

The Golden Age kit includes nine carbon fiber body pieces as well as powder coated front and rear subframes. There is also an exhaust system relocation kit and that stylish kidney grille. From new turn signal and headlight housings to the Golden Age badging, this kit has it covered.

NMoto engineered the Golden Age to feature a low center of gravity giving you plenty of agility when you hit the streets. They drew inspiration from the 1936 Henderson Courtney Prototype when adding the designer touch.

Riding the Golden Age will not feel like it is from 1936 though. Not at all. You’ll enjoy luxuries such as a heated seat and heated grips. There is also full Bluetooth support for your smartphone and even a 6.5-inch TFT display. 

That’s not all. The NMoto Golden Age Motorcycle features ABS with Brembo disc brakes. You’ll also enjoy the comfort of automatic stability control or ASC to keep you as confident as the Golden Age looks.

Ride into the golden age of style on this timeless NMoto Motorcycle. NMoto is already taking orders for the Golden Age kit so don’t miss your chance to set the trend.

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