Nokia 2720 V Flip Phone

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My first mobile was a Motorola StarTAC and it looked more like a hockey puck than a phone. There was that definitive clack when you ended a call, and the total lack of preciousness in the way you could treat it. With the 2720 V Flip, Nokia is bringing back the simple utility and toughness of the flip phone, with a few modern features like 4G and internet access. 

Available from Verizon at the end of May, the Flip will come loaded with WhatsApp and Facebook, but no touch screen. Thankfully, the buttons are extra large for easy typing as you retrain your brain to use the number pad to text. There’s also a dedicated emergency button that will send an emergency text with your location followed by calls to five of your contacts until someone picks up. 

The big buttons, the emergency feature, and even the imagery Nokia is using to push the Flip suggests that the target audience for the 2720 V is an aging population. But it’s also going to make a viable option for those who just want a basic, or even secondary phone with low-frills, high-durability, and 28 days of standby power

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