Nomad Active Rugged iPhone Case

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We’ve all been there — a misplaced attempt to place your phone in your pocket, a balancing act with your hands too full, perhaps an inopportune drop at a concert .. and boom, your phone is toast. If that’s ever happened to you, you never have to worry about it again — that is, if you pick up the sleek, stylish and functional Nomad Active Rugged iPhone Case.

It’s made specifically to keep your iPhone 11 in the best shape possible (and given the money you’ve likely spent on it, you’re going to want to take exceptional care of this innovative, game-changing device). It helps, then, that the Nomad Active Rugged iPhone Case checks all the right boxes when it comes to one of the best phone cases on the market, from the water-resistant leather (available in a variety of shades) to the essential 6-foot drop protection. If you’ve been neglecting to take proper care of your phone, now’s the time to start — and this case can stand up to nearly anything.

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