Nomad AirPods Case

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Maybe you, or someone you know, has hopped on the AirPods craze. The latest innovation from Apple is one that raises plenty of opinions — from “Everyone needs a pair” to “No one needs a pair”’ — but given the ease of use, the versatility and the utility inherent in them, you’d do well to consider adding them to a streamlined everyday carry.

That being said, there’s another critical accessory you need in your life should decide to pick up a pair — the Nomad AirPods case, a surprisingly stylish audio accessory that’s going to keep those prized AirPods safe and sound.

This case is also a surefire way to prevent them going missing — take it from, you want to hang onto those AirPods for a long, long time. Available in vegetable-tanned Horween leather — a virtual rarity among audio accessories — the Nomad AirPods Case is the easy pick-up you need to keep on rocking out on your commute and your world travels. – Shop Now

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