Nomad Base One MagSafe Charger

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Black Friday Sales

We may not have flying cars. And our societies aren’t filled with gleaming, utopian skyscrapers and people wearing too many reflective materials. But you know what we do have in our current version of the future? Smart phones. Tiny computers in our pockets that somehow make us feel simultaneously connected to the whole of human knowledge, and also imminently in danger of not having that connection as soon as battery power dips into the red.

Keeping your phone on life support while you’re within five feet of an outlet gets pretty old though (nevermind the problem of pets and their affinity for chewing up every charger cable you will ever own). So if you have the option, switch up to Nomad’s Base One MagSafe Charger. It gives 15 watts of charging power to any Qi-enabled device, all in a low profile charging station that will hardly take up any space on your desk or bedside table.

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Black Friday Sales