Norda 001 Trail Running Sneaker

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You could go for a run in an average pair of department store tennis shoes. Or you could upgrade to a purpose-built runner, like the many kinds offered by Nike, Adidas, or Hoka. But for maximum performance—a personalized sort of performance built for runs that never have to end—you’re going to have to look further afield.

You’re going to have to look to Norda.

Founded by long-time endurance athletes, this new running shoe brand is reinventing and reinvigorating the trail-pounding shoe inside and out. Every pair of their shoes is lovingly laser-cut and hand-stitched for maximum attention to detail. There’s no better example of this than their 001 Trail Running Sneaker: An immaculately detailed outdoor running shoe that’s lighter, more comfortable, more cushioned, and offers better grip mile after my mile than any other shoe out there.

Price: $285

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