Novus Electric Motorcycle

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Somewhere between an ebike and an electric motorcycle lies this German built Novus. Thoroughly futuristic and immoderately sleek, this all-electric commuter feels inspired by Ducati in the seat and overall geometry, but the tires and handlebars give a distinct bicycle impression. Looking at this impressive vehicle, the overall effect is of something entirely new and just this side of sci-fi.

At just 85 pounds, the near-weightlessness comes from a carbon fiber monocoque frame — ie the internal support and the external facade are all one. The hub motor puts out a peak power of about 18 horsepower and a 60 mph top speed. The purpose built battery will give you a range of 60 miles and a depleted battery will get back up to 80 percent in an hour’s time. And in possibly the coolest move, your smartphone is the instrument panel.

The team behind Novus debuted the prototype at CES in Vegas this month and we’re very much looking forward to when this thing is in production and ready to zip us into the future. – Learn More

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