Nude Glass Altruist & Hemingway Set

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Let’s face it, the glass you put your whiskey in is an integral part of the whiskey-sipping experience. Between the visual pizzaz of the golden brown liquor sitting in a well-made chamber, to the experience of holding and sipping said-chamber, whiskey can’t just come out of any old thing—and it’s best with a good cigar. Enter the Altruist & Hemingway Set by Nude Glass.

Pour a glass of Four Roses Small Batch, light up a Cohiba, and settle into your favorite chair for the evening.

Made in the generations-old Turkish glasscraft tradition, the Hemingway glass sports exquisite lines and a crystal-like polygonic edge that gives aesthetic dimension to your liquor, while the circular Altruist cigar tray offers so much unique lightplay, it looks like a magically-formed moment of moving water. The refined design is intriguing in its simplicity, and the lead-free crystalline glass is strengthened with minerals. Naturally, the set comes with two glasses and two grooves on the tray because cigars and whiskey are as enjoyable with a friend as they are in one’s own company.

Price: $125

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