Oak & Bond Barrel-Aged Coffee

Oak & Bond Barrel Aged Coffee

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Your whiskey, wine, and even some craft beers are barrel aged to enhance flavor, so why not your morning cuppa Joe?  With several options for barrel aged beans, you can select the flavor profile that best suits your particular palate.  The Bourbon Barrel Aged blend pairs Brazilian single origin beans with Kentucky whiskey barrels to create a medium roast with chocolate, caramel, mandarin orange, and sweet bourbon notes.

The medium roast Rye Whiskey blend starts with Costa Rica single origin beans and Kentucky rye whiskey barrels to produce green apple, cocoa, almond, and sweet rye aromas.  You’ll also find a medium roast Chardonnay blend with Ethiopia Guji beans and Napa barrels that delivers bright white grape, lemon, watermelon, and cocoa flavors, as well as a medium roast Cabernet Sauvignon concoction from Guatamala Huehuetenango beans and Napa barrels offering essences of red fruit, dark chocolate, plum, and candied pecan.  My mouth is officially watering. – Shop Now


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