Off Grid Survival Companion Multi-Tool

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Just as Hans needed Chewy, Shrek needed Donkey, and Jay needed Silent Bob, your primary survival carry needs a sidekick. This little tool from Minnesota-based Off Grid Tools boasts ferrocerium and magnesium rods to start up a campfire, a blade sharpener to keep your knife and hatchet blades sharp, and a compass to help you find your way. (Should that not work out there’s also an emergency whistle and reflective panels to signal for help if circumstances get dire.)

The stainless steel belt clip detaches to provide you with a multitool offering hex wrenches, a serrated edge, a flathead screwdriver, and openers for cans and bottles. All in all, a tool that lives up to its companion moniker, faithful and useful like a Garth to your Wayne. – Shop Now

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