Old Forester 1910 Extra Extra Old Bourbon

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We take it for granted these days that our bourbons (and every other spirit, really) come in glass bottles. But back in 1870, packaging your whiskey in glass was an innovation—one pioneered by George Carvin Brown, the original creator of Old Forester Bourbon.

Brown was an innovator in more ways than one. He was one of the first bottlers to blend his bourbon from multiple distilleries to ensure consistency. Then, later, he sold and marketed the first double barreled bourbon. Even Prohibition couldn’t stop Old Forester—it was one of just a handful of distilleries still licensed to keep producing bourbon (for medicinal purposes, of course).

With the release of their new 1910 Extra Old Bourbon, Old Forester is taking the many lessons of their unbroken distilling tradition and expressing them in a new, modern flavor profile. The double barreled finish gives it an exceptionally smooth taste, rich with coffee, maple syrup, and chocolate notes. And its finish is about as creamy as a spirit can be, making it an absolute joy to sip neat or on the rocks.

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