Oliver Sweeney x Talisker Made By The Sea Boots

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Very good boots. Very good Scotch. These are two things we can totally get behind. And now these two great things have decided to team up — very good boots designed to attractively carry very good Scotch. We’re trying to think of something better, but coming up short. Designed by British shoemaker Oliver Sweeney and made in family-owned Italian factories from hand-burnished leather, the rugged workwear style boots feature a side pocket that perfectly fits the included two ounce flask.

For filling that flask, the gift set comes with a bottle of Talisker’s 10-year old single malt Scotch whisky from their distillery on the Isle of Skye. The Scotch is peaty, smoky, though not overpoweringly so and has strong sea-water notes with a peppery finish. Boots, Scotch and flask all come in an oak gift box. Though if you decided to keep the set for yourself, no one would blame you. – Buy It

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