Onewheel Pint

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Forget about jumping on the electric scooter bandwagon – they’re already being limited or banned in major cities – and consider the Onewheel Pint instead.  If you’ve ever said your skateboard would be better with just one wheel, you’re about to be validated. 

With one big wheel in the center and footpads on either side, this mode of motorized transportation will require some measure of balance and reflexes to ride, and you’re going to need some practice.  That said, Simplestop dismount technology makes it easy to learn.  In addition, a front footpad Lightbar offers battery monitoring and in-ride alerts for ease of use. 

If you’re ready to get moving with a tiny ride that fits under your desk at work and comes with a Maghandle for easy carry, strap on your helmet and jump on the Onewheel Pint — the brand’s smaller, more versatile travel option. – Shop Now

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