Onyx Electric Motorbikes

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Somewhere between the bicycle and the motorcycle lies the zippy fun of the moped. Easier to handle than a motorcycle, faster (with less pedalling) than a bicycle, the moped gets you where you need to go with a good dose of classic style. And now it’ll get you there without gas. ONYX Motorbikes out of San Francisco have two electric bikes in development — which are fully funded on Indiegogo. The street-focused CTY and the on-or-off-road RCR both look like they’re going to be a lot of fun to ride, and a lot of fun to show off.

Both models take style cues from vintage motorbikes and mopeds of the 70s and 80s with a stripped down look and minimalist lines. Go with the CTY and you get a top speed of thirty miles per hour and a range of twenty-five to forty miles. Pick the RCR to get up to sixty miles per hour and a forty-five to seventy-five mile range. Both should be ready to ship early 2019 and there are still a few bikes left that are open for Backers. – Shop Now

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