Onyx LZR Electric Bike

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In those first moments on two wheels as a child, the world opens wide: You can travel farther, faster, and have more fun while you do it.

Maybe you’ve continued riding bikes well into adulthood, or gone even further to put a motor between your thighs for long-haul adventures. Or worse yet: You’ve forgotten the simple joys of taking your bicycle out for a spin.

Either way, the Onyx LZR Electric Bike will rekindle your passion and enthusiasm for cycling. 

Hand-built to order in a small California manufacturing facility, the LZR is an all-terrain electric bike that falls somewhere between a bicycle and a motorcycle—with a huge amount of torque and top speeds up to 28 miles per hour, and a range of 30 to 70 miles. Its aluminum frame gives the LZR nimble and lightweight performance, while durable welding gives it long-term durability. It’s not cheap, but man is it cool.

Price: $2,299

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