Original Ski Balm

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It’s the little details that need to be considered the most sometimes — and that’s definitely true in terms of protecting your skin from the elements. Enter Original Ski Balm, quite possibly the most effective and most underrated addition to your skincare and ski gear routine on winter trips.

For just under $6, you get a handy container with a multitude of uses. Original Ski Balm offers SPF 40 protection, plus it’s waterproof and offers windburn protection — all in a small, reliable and effective container for easy transport. In short, it’s everything you didn’t know you needed in your grooming rotation this winter (and well beyond).

Grab and go, take it with you in your parka pocket, use it on the slopes and use it after you leave the mountain for the day. The only thing you need now are durable layers and a slick set of skis — or a new snowboard. – $9

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